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Wai laan has been reading tarot cards for 23 years.  She receives messages from her spirit guides to guide you on your spirtual path. You can consult her by telephone regarding personal matters or business matters.

She has read for celebrities like Grace Knight, Marcus Graham and Jackie Love.

She is available for hen's parties, corporate functions or just for a get together.To book her for a private function . Just email her and the cost will be on request. (this is only for Sydney clients).

telephone readings 1/2 hour $66.00(incl. gst) or 1 hour $132.00(incl. gst)

to answer 2 questions  by email is $66.00(incl. gst)

Once the user clicks onto the paypal button and pays, they need to be directed back to a page where they fill in their details and they get sent in an email to wendy and she will call or email them back.

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